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Tangerang, Indonesia

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homemade Egg Noodle

After many times trial of making egg noodle, here is the recipe that suitable for me.
Before I made the noodle, I already cooked some dishes that can be eat together with the noodles.
I prepared some boil bok choy ( chinesse cabbage), fish cake, mushroom and minced chicken soy sauce.
This homemade egg noodle is very easy and healthy, the ingredients are simple and we can make it anytime we want.
Last time I made this noodle with my kids, who help me put the batter into the pasta machine and cut it into stripe as they like.

Ingredients :
500 grams high protein flour (here I use Cakra brand)
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp tapioka starch
1 tsp baking powder
3 whole eggs
90 ml water

In Bahasa Indonesia :
500 gram tepung Cakra
1 sendok teh garam halus
1 sendok makan tepung tapioka/sagu
3 butir telur ayam
90 ml air


Directions :

I just put all ingredients into my food processor and let it blend until the batter stick together.
Bring out the batter, put on the clean table that already sprinkle with some flour, then knead and divide into 3.

Then I flat the batter using the pasta machine, start from the biggest number than down to number 2 or depend how thick you want your noodle.
After we got the flat batter, we cut it using the pasta machine as we desire the thickness.

Here I cut the flat batter into 2 kinds. 

To serve this noodle, we get about 200 grams noodle, put into the boiling water, let it cook until the noodle just tender, don't over cooked. Then take out the noodle without water, put into the bowl that already add some fried garlic oil, fish sauce, pepper and vinegar then mix them well.
Then garnish with minced pork, fish cake/fish ball, boiled bok choy and sprinkle with some spring onion.

In Bahasa Indonesia :

Gunakan food processor untuk mencampur dan mengaduk semua bahan agar pekerjaan lebih mudah. Kalo tidak punya bisa dilakukan dengan manual.
Jika menggunakan food processor, masukan semua bahan2 lalu aduk hingga rata, taruh diatas meja bersih yg ditaburi tepung terigu. Uleni hingga kalis lalu bagi menjadi 3 bagian.

Siapkan mesin pasta, mulai dengan bagian untuk menipiskan adonan, gunakan setelan no yg paling besar (misal no 7), tipiskan adonan hingga adonan menyatu, lalu ganti setelan ke no 5, tipiskan lagi, dan terakhir tipiskan adonan dengan setelan no. 2.
Lalu kita potong2 lembaran adonan yg sudah ditipiskan tadi sesuai dengan selera potongan yg kita inginkan.