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Tangerang, Indonesia


I am a mother of 3 lovely kids (Anson, Nicole and Jackie).
Baking  and cooking is my hobbies since I was young. My mom is my guru who teached me alot of Hakka dishes.
My sister also my friend, who always shared a lot of experience in baking.
The kids and my lovely husband are my inspirations who always make me to try my best in baking and cooking for their health.
With this blog they will know what I ever cooked for them and hopefully one day they can do it by themself if they want.

All foods and pictures  in this blog are made by myself, you are wellcome to copy the recipes but if you need to use some of my pictures, please let me know!

If you have any questions, you can reach me through email :

Thank you for visiting me....God Bless!

Theresia P.