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Tangerang, Indonesia

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bow tutorial

Tutorial  how to make a bow from gumpaste.

Tools and things we need :

  • Gumpaste
  • Fondant
  • Tissue paper
  • Rolling pin
  • Small knife
  • Ruller
  • Water
1     Mix one part of gumpaste with 3 parts of fondant, mix well , add any food color as your desired.
Add some corn flour if you feel  sticky , mix well then roll into thin layer.
Then follow the pictures down here :

1.       Cut gumpaste into length 13cm, height 3 cm.

2.       Add little bit water(don’t put too much) into the middle of the gumpaste.      
       Stick 2 ends of gumpaste into the middle (don’t overlap).

3.       Press the middle of the bow to make the shape, then add some tissue paper 
       into the both side hole ( to hold the shape of the bow).

4.       Cut some gumpaste , about  length 4 cm , height 1cm, attached to the middle 
       of the bow, add some water, cut off the excess gumpate.

5.       If  you want add the ribbon, cut some gumpaste  attached 2 ribbon together on    
      the top (overlap), than attached the bow to the ribbon with some water.

6.       The bow with ribbon is ready, let it dry overnight, take out tissue paper from the hole, then clean all the excess flour using clean brush before you put on your cake/cupcake.

With mix gumpaste and fondant, we can make beautiful bow or ribbons, it’s can hold the shape and dried faster.

Make this ribbon few days ahead before the cake, keep the bows in clean and airtight box.

Yayyy some bow I'd made.

Show me yours....;)