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Tangerang, Indonesia

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Braised Meigan Cai and Pork Belly

Remembering my grandpa (my dad's father), he is the one that made me loves to cook.
She teached my mom a lot of Hakka dishes then I can learn from her.
One of my favourites Hakka dishes is braised meigan cai with pork belly, I like the fragrant of mei cai after they are ready to serve.
What we need :
  • 200 grams sweet dried meigan cai (find in chinese store), rinse and soak for 20 minutes then cut into tiny slices, there are salty and sweet dried Meigan Cai
  • 200 grams of pork belly, discard the skin (rinse, pat dry and cut into 2 cm)
  • 2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
  • 2 tablespoon of cooking wine
  • 2 tablespoon light soy sauce
  • a dash of white pepper
  • 2 tablespoon of cooking oil
  • water

How to:

Heat up the wok on medium heat and add cooking oil. Stir fry the pork belly until brown, set aside.

Put garlic into the wok, stir fry the garlic until fragrant then add the pork belly and Meigan Cai, mix well.

Then add cooking wine, light soy sauce, pepper, mix well then add water (make sure the water should be cover all the ingridients).

Lower the heat to the lowest and let it shimmering for about one hour or until the pork belly become tender.

Dish out and serve hot with Oatmeal Rice.


The Cooking Ninja said...

I haven't had this for a long long time. I miss having porridge with this.

Theresia P. said...

@ The Cooking Ninja :Yup, it's a good companion with congee... i also miss this combination.