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Tangerang, Indonesia

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Premium Soya Chicken

Still looking for easy recipes?
Ah... this week is the laziest week for me, I don't want to move, even for cooking, I felt it's hard to stay for while in the kitchen...don't know why.
But we still have to eat right?
For those who need fast and simple recipe but with great result, don't forget to try it.
Bet you can't speak any words... but licked your thumbs.

You need :

1 pc frosted whole chicken
300 ml premium chicken marinated soya (Amoy brand)
50 ml water
1 pc sugar cane
1/2 teaspoon salt

Follow me :

  1. Clean the chicken,

  2. put the marinated soya, water, sugar cane and salt into pressure cooker, bring to boil,
  3. add the chicken, cook for 15 minutes,
  4. turn the chicken, cover and lock, cook for more 15 minutes ,
  5. bring out the chicken, put into baking tray, bake until golden brown or just cut into small pieces and served together with the remaining sauce (as a dip).

Tips :

* If you use regular saucepan, you need to cook more longer, total about 45 minutes.

* Served with organic brown rice

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