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Tangerang, Indonesia

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beef in chilli and coconut sauce (Rendang)

Last night we had guests as Chinese New Year visit. They are my Hong Kong friends who lived near our house, one of them is her first time to visit us.

As tradition here, when Chinese New Year and you visit someone you must bring along a gift (most of them are food likes cookies, noodles or etc).

As they visit me at dinner time, I cooked some food for dinner and of them is my favorite dish from my country called RENDANG.
For those who lived outside Indonesia country, I refer you to use already made instant seasoning from MUNIK brand, the taste quite similar with Rendang Padang.
You can follow the cooking directions behind the box, but here I already adapt with my taste.

For me I use :

1 pack instant seasoning Bumbu Rendang
1 small pack coconut milk (kara)
4 slices ginger
5 pcs bay leave (daun salam)
2 kg beef brisket (cut into squares)
2 cups water
Put all ingredients in pressed cooker,
lock carefully, using big flame cook until steam come out,
cook for more half hour using medium flame,
wait until steam disappear, open and serve.
All love this dish, especially my daughter Nicole.

1 comment:

Lucas Miranda said...

You need to know a brazilian barbecue.